Facilitation: Design a Healer's Practice

Posted on di 20 juli 2021 in designs • Tagged with permaculture, life design, social design, design web, facilitation, zettelkasten, dreaming circle, vision, brainstorm, mind map, mental inventory, bullet journaling, year compass, burn rate, 4 questions, Holmgren principles, functions and elements


After the recent completion of his courses in alternative forms of health care, a close friend intends to set up a business offering these types of therapy for clients. I offered my help in creating a design for his practice. I have run my own business for over ten …

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Workshop Design Your Life

Posted on wo 19 februari 2020 in workshop • Gewijzigd op 09 november 2020 • Tagged with workshop, permaculture, ways of observing, forms of capital, bullet journaling, dragon dreaming, dreaming circle, community, life design, social design, 4 questions, vision, mental inventory

This workshop is in response to a question from Ana and Gábor for help with finding direction in their lives. The outline below is based on the process I followed for the design of my own life with additional resources from books, websites and blog posts I have read and …

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Community Rules

Posted on di 05 maart 2019 in tools • Tagged with permaculture, social design, community

In social permaculture the community plays a prominent role. Sometime in 2018 I became aware of research done by Dmitry Orlov on communities. He studied communities that last multiple generations; in his words: Communities that abide.

Orlov distilled a set of commandments that communities should obey. I found his list …

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Design Online Learning Community

Posted on di 26 juni 2018 in designs • Gewijzigd op 28 december 2018 • Tagged with permaculture, social design, dragon dreaming, 5 W's, ways of observing, Open Spaces, DAFOR(N)


Learning community mailing list:

Design team:

  • Arno Peters
  • Judit Somogyi
  • Thor Markussen

Note: this design has been abandoned.

Design strategy

For presentation purposes, we use Dragon Dreaming for this design.

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Design Summer Party

Posted on ma 04 juni 2018 in designs • Tagged with permaculture, social design, Eindhoven, party, CEAP, 5 W's, ways of observing, flow, ethics, attitudinal principles, kanban, 4 questions, season: summer


One of the challenges facing us the coming years is a return to a more communal way of living. A party is a good way to practice coming together and exchanging ideas and inspiration. A way also to connect different circles of people.

The goal is to create a …

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Design Arno's life

Posted on wo 30 mei 2018 in designs • Gewijzigd op 29 september 2019 • Tagged with permaculture, social design, CEAP, 3 happy lives, ikigai, ethics, attitudinal principles, Holmgren principles, web of goals, core human needs, early retirement extreme

This is a permaculture design design for my life. This page documents the process and the design. I used CEAP as the design process.

Collect information

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.


Knowing yourself …

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Survey Arno's life

Posted on wo 30 mei 2018 in surveys • Gewijzigd op 19 februari 2020 • Tagged with permaculture, social design, dreaming circle, vision, mission, ways of observing, thinking in patterns, life weeks, Simple Critical Infrastructure Maps, Integrated Needs Analysis Matrix, ways to die, forms of capital

This survey is part of Arno's design for his life.

About me

I am a 40+ male of the species Homo sapiens sapiens.

Vision and mission

I created the vision and mission using a dreaming circle.


I am an elder in a community of people. I live a content …

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Social design monastery Reek

Posted on do 08 februari 2018 in designs • Tagged with permaculture, social design, Reek, ways of observing, forms of capital, attitudinal principles, SADIMet, mapping, planning for real, dreaming circle, mind map, client interview, zones and sectors, PMI, Holmgren principles

We designed the social elements of a monastery building at Reek. Our aim was to gain understanding of and hands-on experience with the different design tools in the permaculture toolbox.

Background and team

This work was part of the hands-on design part of the Permaculture Design Course (PDC) at Lotus …

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