Workshop Design Your Life

Posted on wo 19 februari 2020 in workshop • Tagged with workshop, permaculture, ways of observing, forms of capital, bullet journaling, dragon dreaming, dreaming circle, community, life design, social design, 4 questions, vision, mental inventory

This workshop is in response to a question from Ana and Gábor for help with finding direction in their lives. The outline below is based on the process I followed for the design of my own life with additional resources from books, websites and blog posts I have read and …

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Model of US Social Classes

Posted on ma 08 april 2019 in blog • Tagged with community

Michael O. Church made a model of US social classes in 2012. The percentages given refer to US population numbers only. These models may have a limited correspondence to the social classes of Europe. I have taken the information from the original article and condensed it further.

  • Underclass (U) - 10 …

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Community Rules

Posted on di 05 maart 2019 in tools • Tagged with permaculture, social design, community

In social permaculture the community plays a prominent role. Sometime in 2018 I became aware of research done by Dmitry Orlov on communities. He studied communities that last multiple generations; in his words: Communities that abide.

Orlov distilled a set of commandments that communities should obey. I found his list …

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