Facilitation: Design a Healer's Practice

Posted on di 20 juli 2021 in designs • Tagged with permaculture, life design, social design, design web, facilitation, zettelkasten, dreaming circle, vision, brainstorm, mind map, mental inventory, bullet journaling, year compass, burn rate, 4 questions, Holmgren principles, functions and elements


After the recent completion of his courses in alternative forms of health care, a close friend intends to set up a business offering these types of therapy for clients. I offered my help in creating a design for his practice. I have run my own business for over ten …

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Introductieworkshop Permacultuur

Posted on do 03 juni 2021 in workshop • Tagged with workshop, permaculture

Deze workshop is vol.

Had je mee willen doen? Meld je interesse via de contactpagina, dan houd ik je op de hoogte van nieuwe workshops.

Hallo allemaal,

Ik ben Arno Peters en ik wil jullie graag uitnodigen voor mijn Introductieworkshop Permacultuur. Ik houd deze workshop in Voedselbos Eindhoven op zaterdagmiddag …

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Ideas for workshops in permaculture

Posted on ma 19 april 2021 in designs • Tagged with permaculture, workshop, survey

I have grouped this information by theme. The subsections detail possible subjects within this theme.

Depending on the subject, these can be taught in workshops and courses ranging from 2 hours to 2x 8 hours.

An appropriate selection of all these workshops can make up a full Permaculture Design Course …

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Designer's Toolbox

Posted on wo 06 januari 2021 in tools • Tagged with permaculture, toolbox

A toolbox contains a set of useful tools for artisans to use. A carpenter's toolbox has hammers, chisels, planes, etc. A plumber's toolbox has wrenches, nuts, pieces of pipe, etc.

A permaculture designer's toolbox contains tools useful for designing with permaculture. I have documented a few on this site. I …

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Posted on ma 28 september 2020 in tools • Tagged with permaculture, PMI

PMI stands for Plus, Minus, Interesting. It is an analysis tool for ranking between different options to find the one that may be best among the available alternatives at this point in time.


When in a group, someone presents the different options. For every option, the other participants give …

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Mindmap around Early Retirement Extreme

Posted on wo 29 juli 2020 in mindmaps • Tagged with permaculture, forms of capital, early retirement extreme, saving rate, burn rate

Mindmap of ERE

  • why is it important to me?
    • freedom to persue my interests
    • takes money out of the decision making process
    • gets me out of the rat race
  • resources
  • observations
    • having no expenses means you don't need an income and you can immediately …

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PASTE survey food forest Weverkeshof (2020)

Posted on ma 06 juli 2020 in surveys • Tagged with permaculture, food forest design, Nuenen, PASTE, season: summer

This is part of the design for a food forest in Nuenen.

This year we did a new PASTE survey. The data was gathered on 2020-07-06. See also the previous PASTE survey.

In this section we list the available plants, animals, structures, tools and events we have observed directly or …

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PASTE survey allotment garden (2020)

Posted on ma 22 juni 2020 in surveys • Tagged with permaculture, survey, PASTE, garden design, Eindhoven, season: summer

Starting from 2018-09-01, Ina and I have rented an allotment at an association nearby. This survey lists the different species discovered in June 2020. For comparison, at two years ago I did the same thing.

This list is part of the ongoing design for the allotment garden.


  • Aegopodium podagraria …

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Workshop Design Your Life

Posted on wo 19 februari 2020 in workshop • Tagged with workshop, permaculture, ways of observing, forms of capital, bullet journaling, dragon dreaming, dreaming circle, community, life design, social design, 4 questions, vision, mental inventory

This workshop is in response to a question from Ana and Gábor for help with finding direction in their lives. The outline below is based on the process I followed for the design of my own life with additional resources from books, websites and blog posts I have read and …

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PASTE survey for the backyard (2019)

Posted on ma 22 april 2019 in surveys • Tagged with permaculture, survey, backyard, PASTE, DAFOR(N)

This survey is part of designing the backyard.

The extra information for each plant is derived from the following sources:




  • Prunus domestica subsp. syriaca (mirabelle plum / mirabel)
    • only one, takes up most …

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