Journal of work in Proeftuin Meerhoven in 2020

Posted on wo 24 maart 2021 in blog • Tagged with survey, practical, season: spring, season: summer, season: fall, season: winter

Since Sunday 2017-07-30 I have been involved with gardening at the Proeftuin Meerhoven in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. This is a community garden maintained by volunteers in the neighborhood adjoining ours. We use the space with approval from the local council. In addition to helping with gardening, I learned a lot …

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Summer 2020 experiments

Posted on ma 19 oktober 2020 in blog • Tagged with experiment, season: summer

This is a list of experiments Ina and I have been conducting during the summer of 2020.

  • deepen experience with baking bread with sourdough starter
    • different types of flour
  • ferments
    • using sourdough starter for things other than bread
  • drying
    • nettle
    • mint
    • leaves of horseradish (blad mierik)
  • growing seedlings
  • growing cutlings …

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PASTE survey food forest Weverkeshof (2020)

Posted on ma 06 juli 2020 in surveys • Tagged with permaculture, food forest design, Nuenen, PASTE, season: summer

This is part of the design for a food forest in Nuenen.

This year we did a new PASTE survey. The data was gathered on 2020-07-06. See also the previous PASTE survey.

In this section we list the available plants, animals, structures, tools and events we have observed directly or …

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PASTE survey allotment garden (2020)

Posted on ma 22 juni 2020 in surveys • Tagged with permaculture, survey, PASTE, garden design, Eindhoven, season: summer

Starting from 2018-09-01, Ina and I have rented an allotment at an association nearby. This survey lists the different species discovered in June 2020. For comparison, at two years ago I did the same thing.

This list is part of the ongoing design for the allotment garden.


  • Aegopodium podagraria …

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Summer 2019 experiments

Posted on wo 28 augustus 2019 in blog • Tagged with experiment, season: summer

This is a list of experiments Ina and I have been conducting in July and Augst of 2019. Some things I put under several headings as they contain elements of both.

  • ferments
    • mirabel ferment
    • beet ferment
    • ketchup ferment
    • sugar ferment
    • whole tomato ferment
    • hot pepper and garlic ferment
    • getting to …

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Design Summer Party

Posted on ma 04 juni 2018 in designs • Tagged with permaculture, social design, Eindhoven, party, CEAP, 5 W's, ways of observing, flow, ethics, attitudinal principles, kanban, 4 questions, season: summer


One of the challenges facing us the coming years is a return to a more communal way of living. A party is a good way to practice coming together and exchanging ideas and inspiration. A way also to connect different circles of people.

The goal is to create a …

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