Building and Using a Peg Loom

Posted on do 29 juni 2023 in blog • Tagged with experiment, weaving, wool

A peg loom is a weaving technology that has been around since at least the Vikings - and probably much longer. The loom is made of a single log with holes at regular spacings. Each hole will fit a peg. Each peg has a hole near the bottom to allow a …

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Sheepskin with felted back

Posted on do 04 augustus 2022 in blog • Tagged with experiment, season: summer, felting, wool

We did an experiment with felting a back to a recently shaved fleece. The wool came from a Ouessant sheep. Below is a photo series on how we created a sheepskin without having to kill a sheep.

Preparing the fleece

The fleece we started with; fully detached from the sheep.

We mostly followed …

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