Periodic Reviews

Posted on wo 13 september 2023 in tools • Tagged with bullet journaling, feedback, year compass, web of goals

I use periodic reviews in order to keep track of the main currents in my life. The day to day is too chaotic to discern much structure. Looking back over longer periods of time teases these patterns out in the open. It's similar to canoeing in a white water river …

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Building and Using a Peg Loom

Posted on do 29 juni 2023 in blog • Tagged with experiment, weaving, wool

A peg loom is a weaving technology that has been around since at least the Vikings - and probably much longer. The loom is made of a single log with holes at regular spacings. Each hole will fit a peg. Each peg has a hole near the bottom to allow a …

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Design Web

Posted on do 25 mei 2023 in tools • Tagged with design web

Looby Macnamara's Design Web is a design process. You can read about it in her book People & Permaculture. I resonate with using its anchor points and allowing jumping between points as questions come up and get answered.

The tool gives 12 different anchor points to use as a starting point …

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Bullet Journal

Posted on vr 05 mei 2023 in tools • Tagged with bullet journaling, year compass, feedback

I have started bullet journaling on 20 December 2019. I have kept to a very minimal set of collections.

Ryder Carroll encourages you to record an intention for your bullet journaling practice. Mine is: "I want my BuJo practice to help me record the ebb and flow of my life …

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Contemplation on oil, gas and coal

Posted on vr 05 mei 2023 in contemplation

  • oil is used
    • in powering machines for moving / transporting
      • raw materials
      • half finished products
      • finished products
      • people
    • in these environments
      • water - boat, submarine
      • land - car, shovel, tractor, truck
      • air - airplane, helicopter, drone
    • it is also used as a basis for
      • lubricants
      • solvents (in paint, as a cleaning agent)
    • characteristics
      • oil …

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Permaculture Ethics and Principles

Posted on vr 05 mei 2023 in tools • Tagged with permaculture, ethics, Holmgren principles, attitudinal principles


  • Earth care
    • Reduce
    • Reuse
    • Recycle
    • Repair
  • People care
  • Fair share / Future care

Attitudinal principles

  • Multiple elements x multiple functions
  • Everything gardens
  • The problem is the solution
  • Yield is theoretically unlimited
  • Work with nature
  • Minimum effort, maximum effect

Holmgren principles

  • Observe and interact
  • Catch and store energy
  • Obtain a yield …

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Thinking in Patterns

Posted on vr 05 mei 2023 in tools • Tagged with thinking in patterns

Below is a list of patterns found in nature. Every pattern is a response to a specific challenge.

  • branching / fractal
  • circle / ring / torus
  • cloud
  • dome / lobe
  • gradient
  • hook / burdock / ogive (pointed arch)
  • meander / wave / seneca curve / logistic curve
  • net / web
  • scattering / camouflage
  • sheet
  • sphere / bubble
  • spiral
  • streamline
  • succession
  • tetrahedron / triangle …

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Mental Inventory

Posted on vr 05 mei 2023 in tools • Tagged with mental inventory, bullet journaling

I first came across the mental inventory when I started using the Bullet Journal method.

Find the original explanation here.

  • Create it by rapid logging / brain dumping into three columns
    • Things I am working on
    • Things I should be working on
    • Things I want to be working on
  • Filter your …

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Survey for a location design

Posted on vr 05 mei 2023 in surveys • Tagged with permaculture, survey, community, location design

I'm collecting information for a design on location. This to validate our current choice of location and / or to find another place that is more suitable to our wants and needs.

Money and energy needs of different sized communities

Estimation of monetary needs for a community of size n. Expenses …

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Making soap

Posted on wo 03 mei 2023 in blog • Tagged with soap, experiment, recipe

We made a shampoo bar / soap for washing our hair. We did this for the first time in 2021 and after we had used up the first batch, we made a second batch in 2022.

We took every precaution to do this safely. Please familiarize yourself with the process before …

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