Contemplation on money

Posted on wo 07 september 2022 in contemplation • Tagged with contemplation, money, global economy

Let's start with some basic questions:

  • What is money?
  • What does it represent?
  • Why is a bank note in my wallet different from a candy wrapper? They're both colored pieces of paper and yet we treat them differently.

What is money?

In today's culture, there is the understanding that if …

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Making vinegar

Posted on vr 19 augustus 2022 in blog • Tagged with experiment, harvest, recipe, season: summer

This month I made another batch of apple vinegar. I had harvested a few apples from my mother's front yard. They had fallen down and were brown and desseccated in the middle. The tree had rejected them as viable seeds because of this. The outer part was still usable to …

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Sheepskin with felted back

Posted on do 04 augustus 2022 in blog • Tagged with experiment, season: summer, felting, wool

We did an experiment with felting a back to a recently shaved fleece. The wool came from a Ouessant sheep. Below is a photo series on how we created a sheepskin without having to kill a sheep.

Preparing the fleece

The fleece we started with; fully detached from the sheep.

We mostly followed …

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Harvesting Nettle Seeds

Posted on di 26 juli 2022 in blog • Tagged with experiment, season: summer

Let's start with a question I get every time I say that I collect nettle seeds: "Why?" Well, for sowing, of course! ;-) ... and other uses. So, why would you want to collect nettle seeds? Here are a few reasons (Source):

  • nettles are a source of minerals: they contain iron, calcium …

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PASTE survey for the backyard (2022)

Posted on di 07 juni 2022 in surveys • Tagged with permaculture, survey, backyard, PASTE, DAFOR(N)

This survey is for a revision of the design for the backyard.

The extra information for each plant is derived from the following sources:




  • Prunus domestica subsp. syriaca (mirabelle plum / mirabel)
    • only …

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Human body energy requirement

Posted on do 02 juni 2022 in blog

Recently I got asked about about creating a garden with the specific aim of keeping starvation at bay. I came to the conclusion you need crops that contain at least sufficient calories to keep you going. So starchy, sugary, oily or protein rich.

Check out the table on the Potato …

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PASTE survey allotment garden (2022)

Posted on vr 20 mei 2022 in surveys • Tagged with permaculture, survey, PASTE, garden design, Eindhoven, season: summer

Starting from 2018-09-01, Ina and I have rented an allotment at an association nearby. This survey lists the different species discovered in May 2022. For comparison, last year ago I did the same thing.

This list is part of the ongoing design for the allotment garden.


  • Achillea millefolium (common …

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Journal of work in Proeftuin Meerhoven in 2021

Posted on za 08 januari 2022 in blog • Tagged with survey, practical, season: spring, season: summer, season: fall, season: winter

Since mid 2017 I have been involved with gardening at the Proeftuin Meerhoven in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. This is a community garden maintained by volunteers in the neighborhood adjoining ours. We use the space with approval from the local council. The harvest from this garden has supplemented our lunches and …

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Experiments in 2021

Posted on wo 22 december 2021 in blog • Tagged with experiment

This is a list of experiments Ina and I have been conducting in 2021.

  • gardening
    • Arno taking over full responsibility for the allotment
    • Ina helps with voorcultuur, odd jobs
    • harvesting musterd seeds
    • cleaning musterd seeds
    • harvesting mirabels
    • more hedgelaying at the Proeftuin
    • more planting cuttings
      • raspberry
      • black and red currant …

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Contemplation: Pray and Work

Posted on zo 31 oktober 2021 in contemplation • Tagged with contemplation, meditation

I recently visited the abby of Val Dieu in Aubel, Belgium. The abby was founded in by Cistercian monks in the beginning of the 13th century. The Cistercian order followed the Rule of Saint Benedict as guidelines for their order. The motto Ora et Labora is associated with these guidelines …

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