Making bread

Posted on zo 18 oktober 2020 in blog

Here are some of my presentations on baking bread and using a sourdough starter.

I have kept a record of the steps I take in making bread. Below is a table that shows the times for one such sessions. The introduction …

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Introduction to Fermentation

Posted on zo 18 oktober 2020 in blog

Here is a presentation with an introduction to fermentation.

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Personal Philosophy

Posted on do 01 oktober 2020 in tools • Tagged with vision, attitudinal principles, reiki principles, adaptation principles, NVC

Putting together a personal philosophy can be helpful for focussing your energy. Keep it as a daily reminder in your journal, calendar or hang them somewhere you regularly see them.

Below are a few examples of personal philosophies. There are many more to choose from. You will notice recurring themes …

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Posted on ma 28 september 2020 in tools • Tagged with permaculture, PMI

PMI stands for Plus, Minus, Interesting. It is an analysis tool for ranking between different options to find the one that may be best among the available alternatives at this point in time.


When in a group, someone presents the different options. For every option, the other participants give …

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Sevenfold Wheel of Thought

Posted on do 03 september 2020 in tools

This is a tool I came across not too long ago. It can be used in discursive meditation.

The tool takes seven questions and combines them with seven concepts. So, if you have no clue on how to approach a subject, concept, text, image or other object to meditate on …

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Mindmap around Early Retirement Extreme

Posted on wo 29 juli 2020 in mindmaps • Tagged with permaculture, 9 forms of capital, early retirement extreme, saving rate, burn rate

Mindmap of ERE

  • why is it important to me?
    • freedom to persue my interests
    • takes money out of the decision making process
    • gets me out of the rat race
  • resources
  • observations
    • having no expenses means you don't need an income and you can immediately …

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Contemplation on global economy and society

Posted on zo 26 juli 2020 in contemplation

Contemplate on the notion that our global economy is alive and can be likened to an animal.

Key insights:

  • alive:
    • requires at least a constant flow of energy to sustain itself
    • emergent behaviour from a large number of smaller elements
    • arises, persists over a period of time, fades away
    • referred …

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PASTE survey food forest Weverkeshof (2020)

Posted on ma 06 juli 2020 in surveys • Tagged with permaculture, food forest design, Nuenen, PASTE

This is part of the design for a food forest in Nuenen.

This year we did a new PASTE survey. The data was gathered on 2020-07-06. See also the previous PASTE survey.

In this section we list the available plants, animals, structures, tools and events we have observed directly or …

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PASTE survey allotment garden (2020)

Posted on ma 22 juni 2020 in surveys • Tagged with permaculture, survey, PASTE, garden design, Eindhoven

Starting from 2018-09-01, Ina and I have rented an allotment at an association nearby. This survey lists the different species discovered in June 2020. For comparison, at two years ago I did the same thing.

This list is part of the ongoing design for the allotment garden.


  • Aegopodium podagraria …

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Contemplation from thought to destiny

Posted on vr 08 mei 2020 in contemplation

Contemplate the following saying:

Sow a thought, reap a word;
Sow a word, reap an action;
Sow an action, reap a habit;
Sow a habit, reap a character;
Sow a character, reap a destiny.

Key insights:

Circle from thought to destiny
  • thoughts and words are predictions (mental formations about the future)
  • habits and character are …

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