Journal of work in Proeftuin Meerhoven in 2020

Posted on wo 24 maart 2021 in blog • Tagged with survey, practical, season: spring, season: summer, season: fall, season: winter

Since Sunday 2017-07-30 I have been involved with gardening at the Proeftuin Meerhoven in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. This is a community garden maintained by volunteers in the neighborhood adjoining ours. We use the space with approval from the local council. In addition to helping with gardening, I learned a lot …

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Examples of increasing complexity

Posted on ma 08 februari 2021 in blog

Below are a number of examples of growing complexity due to available energy surplus. As the available energy inexorably turns down we will be forced to live by the Permaculture principle of Use Slow and Small Solutions.


  • 1800s: engine, brakes, frame, wheels, steering wheel;
  • 2020s: as above but with …

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Tracking flows

Posted on zo 31 januari 2021 in tools • Tagged with flow, practical, survey

Let me shed a little light on how I record, track, and plot various streams across my domain.

I have a git repository that holds my records. I clone this repo across the various machines I use. It contains records pertaining to the flows of: money, energy, water, CO₂ and …

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Designer's Toolbox

Posted on wo 06 januari 2021 in tools • Tagged with permaculture, toolbox

A toolbox contains a set of useful tools for artisans to use. A carpenter's toolbox has hammers, chisels, planes, etc. A plumber's toolbox has wrenches, nuts, pieces of pipe, etc.

A permaculture designer's toolbox contains tools useful for designing with permaculture. I have documented a few on this site. I …

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My Permaculture Journey from 2016 to 2020

Posted on do 31 december 2020 in blog

I cannot say for certain when I became aware of Permaculture. There were hints, websites read, questions asked. My partner Ina has been an active participant in researching and proposing activities. She was instrumental in nudging me over a few thresholds. I am very grateful to have her in my …

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Summer 2020 experiments

Posted on ma 19 oktober 2020 in blog • Tagged with experiment, season: summer

This is a list of experiments Ina and I have been conducting during the summer of 2020.

  • deepen experience with baking bread with sourdough starter
    • different types of flour
  • ferments
    • using sourdough starter for things other than bread
  • drying
    • nettle
    • mint
    • leaves of horseradish (blad mierik)
  • growing seedlings
  • growing cutlings …

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Forms of capital

Posted on zo 18 oktober 2020 in tools • Tagged with forms of capital

I got this originally from an article from Appleseed Permaculture on 8 forms of capital from April 2011. I have added energy as the overarching type of capital as it is the basis for all the complexity and beauty we experience daily in our lives. To give you but one …

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Making bread

Posted on zo 18 oktober 2020 in blog

Here are some of my presentations on baking bread and using a sourdough starter.

I have kept a record of the steps I take in making bread. Below is a table that shows the times for one such sessions. The introduction …

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Introduction to Fermentation

Posted on zo 18 oktober 2020 in blog

Here is a presentation with an introduction to fermentation.

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Personal Philosophy

Posted on do 01 oktober 2020 in tools • Tagged with vision, attitudinal principles, reiki principles, adaptation principles, NVC

Putting together a personal philosophy can be helpful for focussing your energy. Keep it as a daily reminder in your journal, calendar or hang them somewhere you regularly see them.

Below are a few examples of personal philosophies. There are many more to choose from. You will notice recurring themes …

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