Personal Philosophy

Posted on do 01 oktober 2020 in tools • Tagged with vision, attitudinal principles, reiki principles, adaptation principles, NVC

Putting together a personal philosophy can be helpful for focussing your energy. Keep it as a daily reminder in your journal, calendar or hang them somewhere you regularly see them.

Below are a few examples of personal philosophies. There are many more to choose from. You will notice recurring themes …

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Posted on ma 28 september 2020 in tools • Tagged with permaculture, PMI

PMI stands for Plus, Minus, Interesting. It is an analysis tool for ranking between different options to find the one that may be best among the available alternatives at this point in time.


When in a group, someone presents the different options. For every option, the other participants give …

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Sevenfold Wheel of Thought

Posted on do 03 september 2020 in tools

This is a tool I came across not too long ago. It can be used in discursive meditation.

The tool takes seven questions and combines them with seven concepts. So, if you have no clue on how to approach a subject, concept, text, image or other object to meditate on …

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Learning Journey

Posted on do 28 november 2019 in tools

This learning journey or guided journaling is sourced from precencing institute. See their guided journaling description for more details.

1. Challenges:

Look at yourself from outside as if you were another person: What are the 3 or 4 most important challenges or tasks that your life (work and non-work) currently …

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Posted on ma 12 augustus 2019 in tools • Tagged with PMI, CARVER matrix

This tool is an extension of a PMI analysis. It uses six categories for ranking. Where in a PMI the focus is on finding plusses and minusses in which ever way you can think of, the CARVER matrix specifies what to think about and the focus is on ranking those …

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Posted on zo 17 maart 2019 in tools • Tagged with permaculture, practical

On Saturday 2019-03-16 I followed a course in hedgelaying. Heg&Landschap organized it in a village close by. Lex Roeleveld was the instructor.

From Wikipedia:

[...] The aim is to reduce the thickness of the upright stems of the hedgerow trees by cutting away the wood on one side of the …

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Community Rules

Posted on di 05 maart 2019 in tools • Tagged with permaculture, social design, community

In social permaculture the community plays a prominent role. Sometime in 2018 I became aware of research done by Dmitry Orlov on communities. He studied communities that last multiple generations; in his words: Communities that abide.

Orlov distilled a set of commandments that communities should obey. I found his list …

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Principles of Military Strategy

Posted on di 19 februari 2019 in tools


Many military strategists have attempted to encapsulate a successful strategy in a set of principles. Sun Tzu defined 13 principles in his The Art of War while Napoleon listed 115 maxims. American Civil War General Nathan Bedford Forrest had only one: to "[get …

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Dragon Dreaming Design Process

Posted on zo 04 november 2018 in tools


  • Awareness
  • Motivation
  • Gathering Information
  • Celebration dreaming phase


  • Consideration of Alternatives
  • Design of a Strategy
  • Testing / Trialing a Pilot
  • Celebration planning phase


  • Implementation
  • Management and Administration
  • Monitoring Progress
  • Celebration doing phase


  • Acquiring New Skills
  • Transforming Results for Individuals
  • Discerning Wisdom
  • Celebration celebrating phase

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