Patterns in Business

Posted on vr 31 mei 2024 in tools • Tagged with thinking in patterns

Some of the patterns most businesses will face at some point.

  • legal structure
  • record keeping
    • bookkeeping
      • what counts as business expense
      • what counts as income
      • is the business liable for taxes
        • VAT
        • income …

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Thinking in Patterns

Posted on vr 05 mei 2023 in tools • Gewijzigd op 08 mei 2024 • Tagged with thinking in patterns

Below is a list of patterns found in nature. Every pattern is a response to a specific challenge.

  • branching / fractal
    • scattering or gathering information / nutrients
    • cover a lot of surface with little material requirements
  • circle / ring / torus
    • strong
    • small interior, large exterior
    • used for constriction
  • cloud
    • dispersed, low density
    • saturation …

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Survey Arno's life

Posted on wo 30 mei 2018 in surveys • Gewijzigd op 19 februari 2020 • Tagged with permaculture, social design, dreaming circle, vision, mission, ways of observing, thinking in patterns, life weeks, Simple Critical Infrastructure Maps, Integrated Needs Analysis Matrix, ways to die, forms of capital

This survey is part of Arno's design for his life.

About me

I am a 40+ male of the species Homo sapiens sapiens.

Vision and mission

I created the vision and mission using a dreaming circle.


I am an elder in a community of people. I live a content …

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