Introductieworkshop Permacultuur

Posted on do 03 juni 2021 in workshop • Tagged with workshop, permaculture

Deze workshop is vol.

Had je mee willen doen? Meld je interesse via de contactpagina, dan houd ik je op de hoogte van nieuwe workshops.

Hallo allemaal,

Ik ben Arno Peters en ik wil jullie graag uitnodigen voor mijn Introductieworkshop Permacultuur. Ik houd deze workshop in Voedselbos Eindhoven op zaterdagmiddag …

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Ideas for workshops in permaculture

Posted on ma 19 april 2021 in designs • Tagged with permaculture, workshop, survey

I have grouped this information by theme. The subsections detail possible subjects within this theme.

Depending on the subject, these can be taught in workshops and courses ranging from 2 hours to 2x 8 hours.

An appropriate selection of all these workshops can make up a full Permaculture Design Course …

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Feedback on Workshop Design Your Life

Posted on za 30 mei 2020 in workshop • Tagged with workshop, life design, feedback

The feedback on this page talks about the workshop Design Your Life.

Gábor says

First of all, thank you again for offering the life design workshop. It was well facilitated, well organised, a valueable workshop. I wish you will have more opportunities in the future as an elder in your …

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Workshop Design Your Life

Posted on wo 19 februari 2020 in workshop • Gewijzigd op 09 november 2020 • Tagged with workshop, permaculture, ways of observing, forms of capital, bullet journaling, dragon dreaming, dreaming circle, community, life design, social design, 4 questions, vision, mental inventory

This workshop is in response to a question from Ana and Gábor for help with finding direction in their lives. The outline below is based on the process I followed for the design of my own life with additional resources from books, websites and blog posts I have read and …

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