Periodic Reviews

Posted on wo 13 september 2023 in tools • Tagged with bullet journaling, feedback, year compass, web of goals

I use periodic reviews in order to keep track of the main currents in my life. The day to day is too chaotic to discern much structure. Looking back over longer periods of time teases these patterns out in the open. It's similar to canoeing in a white water river …

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Bullet Journal

Posted on vr 05 mei 2023 in tools • Tagged with bullet journaling, year compass, feedback

I have started bullet journaling on 20 December 2019. I have kept to a very minimal set of collections.

Ryder Carroll encourages you to record an intention for your bullet journaling practice. Mine is: "I want my BuJo practice to help me record the ebb and flow of my life …

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Feedback on Workshop Design Your Life

Posted on za 30 mei 2020 in workshop • Tagged with workshop, life design, feedback

The feedback on this page talks about the workshop Design Your Life.

Gábor says

First of all, thank you again for offering the life design workshop. It was well facilitated, well organised, a valueable workshop. I wish you will have more opportunities in the future as an elder in your …

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