Bullet Journal

Posted on vr 05 mei 2023 in tools

I have started bullet journaling on 20 December 2019. I have kept to a very minimal set of collections.

Ryder Carroll encourages you to record an intention for your bullet journaling practice. Mine is: "I want my BuJo practice to help me record the ebb and flow of my life because my memory is fallible and tends to forget the many things that happened during the year".

I use the following collections:

  • title page and in case of emergency (first page)
  • index with marker and signifier legend
  • future log
  • monthly log
  • monthly review (since 2023)
  • monthly mental inventory (since 2023)
  • weekly planning
  • weekly review (since 2023)
  • dailies
  • year at a glance (since 2023)
  • assorted notes on
    • Year Compass
    • recipes
    • observations
    • summaries of information

I use the following markers:

O a meeting
a note
= a mood
· an open task
/ a delegated task
< task migrated to future log
> task migrated forward
X task done
[strike] task canceled

I only use the exclamation point (!) to signify inspiration.

For the review collections, I use the following symbols. Thanks to Rachael Stephen's Constellation system for the inspiration. It connects the review to my web of goals.

Life domain symbols
# good food (physical and mental)
good shelter (maintenance)
good friends (social circle)
$ good finances (flow of money)
good body (exercises)
good mind (mental challenges)
good fun (inspiration, spirituality)