Introduction to Fermentation

Posted on zo 18 oktober 2020 in blog

Here is a presentation with an introduction to fermentation.

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Lessons learned baking bread

Posted on di 26 november 2019 in blog • Tagged with experiment

I have been making bread regularly since 2017. As I look through the photo's I have made over the years I notice quite a shift in how I do things now versus how I did them when I started out.

Notable changes:

  • I started using more water in my dough …

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Summer 2019 experiments

Posted on wo 28 augustus 2019 in blog • Tagged with experiment, season: summer

This is a list of experiments Ina and I have been conducting in July and Augst of 2019. Some things I put under several headings as they contain elements of both.

  • ferments
    • mirabel ferment
    • beet ferment
    • ketchup ferment
    • sugar ferment
    • whole tomato ferment
    • hot pepper and garlic ferment
    • getting to …

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Distillation experiment

Posted on di 20 augustus 2019 in blog • Tagged with experiment

A few days ago a friend and I set out to do an experiment in distilling alcohol from a fermented sugar solution.

On 2019-04-13, I put the sugar ferment together as follows:

Yeast starter:

  • 1l water
  • 100g sugar
  • 12g yeast nutrient (voedingszout)
  • 5g yeast

Sugar solution:

  • 2l water
  • 2kg sugar …

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Model of US Social Classes

Posted on ma 08 april 2019 in blog • Tagged with community

Michael O. Church made a model of US social classes in 2012. The percentages given refer to US population numbers only. These models may have a limited correspondence to the social classes of Europe. I have taken the information from the original article and condensed it further.

  • Underclass (U) - 10 …

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Using wasted heat

Posted on ma 04 maart 2019 in blog • Gewijzigd op 05 maart 2019 • Tagged with permaculture, attitudinal principles, experiment, season: fall, season: winter, season: spring

When making bread, the recommendation is to place the dough in a warm spot to rise for about one hour. Since we hardly heat the house in winter (the thermostat is set at 12°C; the living room is a bit warmer still) this proved a bit of a challenge …

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