Examples of Fermentation

By Arno Peters

Guiding principles

  • Try it out. Have fun.
  • Trust your senses.
  • Unexpected things happen. Learn from them.
  • Know your why.
  • Start small.
  • Make it a routine.


Elderflower champagne

Yeast-based ferment

  • Mash fruit
  • Add yeast (optional)
  • Mix well
  • Keep in (airlocked) container
  • Let it rest
  • Eat or drink it

Ginger wine

+3 days

+1 day

+7 days

Mirabel wine

+1 day

+16 day

+7 days

+20 days

Lactic acid ferment

  • Mix ingredients and weigh them
  • Add ~1-2% salt by weight
  • Add starter (optional)
  • Mix well
  • Keep submerged in container
  • Let it rest
  • Eat it

Cabbage ferment

Hot chili ferment

Vegetarian cheese

Couscous or bulgur ferment.

Sorry, no pictures

Sourdough starter

  • Take off half and use it
  • Mix in flour and water (1:1 by weight) to double
  • Stir
  • Let it rest
  • Repeat from the top

Same procedure to start

Starving starter

20 hours after feeding

Produce no waste