Project Gunsleben - General design - Planning phase

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This is the place where we analyze and consider alternatives. See the design overview for the big picture.

Note: this design has been abandoned.

Consideration of Alternatives


  • Earth care
    • Reduce
      • create small living spaces, easily heated
      • use solar energy where possible
      • limited use of power tools, tractors and other …

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Project Gunsleben - General Design - Overview

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This work is the result of a PDC held in Gunsleben, Germany. The first week was from June 30th 2018 to July 7th 2018. The second week was from September 16th 2018 to September 23th 2018. At the end of the first week the participants divided into three design teams …

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Hexagons Proeftuin Meerhoven

Posted on ma 25 juni 2018 in designs • Gewijzigd op 14 augustus 2018 • Tagged with permaculture, building design, Eindhoven, planning for real, client interview, 5 W's, ways of observing, PMI, functions and elements, 4 questions, abandoned design

Photo of hexagon and base layer of pallets on 2018-06-18

Base for the hexagon and the first layer of pallets.

Note: this design has been abandoned.


Proeftuin Meerhoven is cooperative maintaining a community garden in Eindhoven. I am a member of the cooperative. The municipality of Eindhoven has given us about 6000 m² of public land to garden on …

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