Designing a food forest in Nuenen

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Overview map

Overview map (courtesy of OpenStreetMap) © OpenStreetMap-auteurs. The red area shows where the food forest is located within the grounds of the Weverkeshof.


The Weverkeshof is a city farm in Nuenen. They would like to convert a (small) part of their grounds into a food forest. This page details how …

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Designing the hugels (2018)

Posted on ma 21 mei 2018 in designs • Tagged with permaculture, garden design, hugelculture, Holmgren principles, CEAP

This is a design for the hugelculture in Arno's backyard.



Designer: Arno Peters.

Design strategy

I used CEAP in designing this.

Collect site information

See site information for all collected information on the backyard.

Available materials for the hugels:

  • cuttings
    • branches from Viburnum tinus (laurustinus / sneeuwbol)
    • branches from Pinophyta …

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