Homemade Insulated Insoles

Posted on vr 20 januari 2023 in blog

I was looking for a way to create insulated insoles. I considered covering a piece of plastic with felt. As I looked around at what I had laying around to use as a felting template, I considered radiator foil.

The foil is made of a layer of foam and a layer of aluminum. I realized I can turn this into insulated insoles quite easily: just cut them into the shape of an insole.


Two pieces of radiator foil cut out into rectangles of sufficient size.

Using other insoles as templates for the new insoles.

Cutting along the markings.

Conclusions after use

The insole changes my perception of heat loss through the sole. I do detect a small difference.

The insole is quite slippery and will have a bit of difficulty staying in place. It's probably a good idea to sow a backing onto it. This probably makes the insole also a bit more resistant to wear and tear with regular use.

I have not used the insoles after my initial experiments with them. The difference in comfort they make is not really big and because they slip they're a bit of a hassle.

Still, I found it an interesting experiment to do. And I have some ideas for further improvements should I feel a need to revisit this experiment at a later date.