Forms of capital

Posted on zo 18 oktober 2020 in tools

I got this originally from an article from Appleseed Permaculture on 8 forms of capital from April 2011. I have added energy as the overarching type of capital as it is the basis for all the complexity and beauty we experience daily in our lives. To give you but one example: the economy is alive.

As noted in the original article, different types of capital can be exchanged with each other. For example: I can teach gardening (intellectual + experiential) at a workshop (social) in exchange for food (energy + living), lodging (material) and a bit of money (financial). I meet new people (social). My students and I form a community (cultural) where we can help each other (social) become better people (spiritual).

Capital Currency Complexing to...
energy energy flows everything
living carbon, nitrogen, water soil, living organisms, land, ecosystem services
material materials, 'natural' resources tools, building, infrastructure
financial money financial instruments and securities
intellectual ideas, knowledge words, images, 'intellectual property'
experiential action embodied experience, wisdom
spiritual prayer, intention; faith, karma spiritual attainment
social connections influence, relationships
cultural song, story, ritual community