Designer's Toolbox

Posted on wo 06 januari 2021 in tools

A toolbox contains a set of useful tools for artisans to use. A carpenter's toolbox has hammers, chisels, planes, etc. A plumber's toolbox has wrenches, nuts, pieces of pipe, etc.

A permaculture designer's toolbox contains tools useful for designing with permaculture. I have documented a few on this site. I have a physical toolbox.

Toolbox box closed

Toolbox ready for transport

My toolbox contains a brief description of almost every tool I have come across for designing systems. It also has entries for some solutions found in the wild.

Toolbox box open

Toolbox ready for use

The items in the toolbox are simple A6 sheets. To create the sheets, I cut an A4 into two A5's. Cut again they yield four A6 sheets.

On the top right I write the classification for the tool: (design) process, survey, analysis, design, implementation, facilitation, etc. I include the name of the tool and a short description of how to use the tool.