Posted on di 13 december 2022 in tools

My understanding of Ikigai has changed from my initial contact with the concept. I recently came across two articles by Dave Pollard that explain his take. I resonated with his views more than I did with other explanations. Below is Dave's synopsis. I highly recommend reading the articles linked for a better understanding.

From What Makes Your Life Worthwhile and What It Means To Be Human by Dave Pollard.

  • Your Values
    • What you care about
    • What you are grateful for
  • Your Pleasures
    • Things that bring you delight
    • When / where you are joyful
    • Things that spark your curiosity
    • Things that spark your interest
    • How you like to play
  • Your Community
    • Who / what / where / how you belong
    • Who / what you relate to
    • Your tribe
    • Your true place / home
  • Your Way of Being
    • What you notice / pay attention to (within yourself & in the outside world)
    • How you are present in the world
    • Your true nature

Your Ikigai is not that the intersection of these quadrants; it is everything in any of these quadrants. It is not what you think should be true; it is what is actually true, for you. It doesn't tell you what you are 'meant' to do, or how your are 'meant' to be, but rather it provides some self-knowledge and self-application so that you can be your authentic, fulfilled, unique self.