Contemplation on wind

Posted on di 03 augustus 2021 in contemplation

Hello, my name is Air Flow. You may also know me as wind, breeze, storm, gale or gust. People also have called me far worse.

I am a child of the heavens and I am powered by the sun. I have two siblings: Water Flow and Lava Flow. There's a bit of rivalry as to who arose first.

I have been around for many eons. I have watched biological life arise and I will see it perish.

I am everywhere. Move your hand across your face: I am touching you right now. I caress everything the same way.

Some say I'm evil for I destroy houses and crops. Others say I'm friendly for I carry pollen and rain. I am neither. I like to play: pick things up, carry them with me and set them down. Be it small things like vapour, pollen, oxygen, virusses, sand or leafs. Or big things like cars, trees and houses.

It's been getting warmer lately. I'm not worried, I have seen this before; usually just before a decline in biological life. My sibling Water Flow is also hotter. He sweats... a lot. I try to cool him by blowing harder and harder. Earth rotates below me and forces me in circles. A new life is born.

You may call my child a tornado, a hurricane or a cyclone.